Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ratings up.... Resurgence Push

Well, despite some tough competition and many people undoubtedly travelling for Thanksgiving, SGU managed to get quite a decent up-tick in both overall viewers and the key demo. More info on the ratings here:

So next weeks action packed episode, Resurgence, is the final episode for season 2.0. We need to keep the ratings going up. The decision for season 3 might be made in as little as a few weeks time, so now is the time to make the final push. Let’s prove to MGM and Syfy that this show is worth renewing. We all need to go into overdrive mode. Our best bet now is to promote this next episode as much as humanly possible. So Tweet, Blog, Facebook, Email, Talk about it and even invite people to watch SGU next Tuesday live at 9PM. Go to different entertainment news sites and comment on their SGU articles and/or ask them to run a story on the upcoming mid-season finale (or Stargate Universe in general). We need to make SGU a hot topic on the Internet and get people to watch live the next episode. We suggest you use these two awesome trailers to promote the show;

Resurgence Promo:

Season 2 trailer:

Also, though live ratings are important, you can help support the show in many other ways. Buying the DVD’s or BluRay season sets, purchasing the episodes on Itunes or Amazon, watching the show on Netflix, Hulu, Syfy rewind, or OnDemand all help quite a bit. Even if you just buy an episode or two, it helps. Every bit counts. This is the week we have to support SGU as much as possible, even if we have to spend a bit of cash to do so. The full first season is out on DVD and Bluray at a decent price, and the half seasons have dropped in price as well (On Amazon). If you haven’t picked up the DVDs yet now is the best time!

Also, if your in another country, watching the show live, or writing to your local station suggesting they pick up SGU is helpful as well!

You can also help by emailing Dave Howe and Mark Stern, (two key decision makers) about season 3, or just email Syfy’s main feed back line.

Tweet @Syfy on twitter and let them know how much you want a season 3 under the tags #SGU and #giveSGUseason3……. And be sure to follow us on Twitter and be tweeting under the tags #SGU and #giveSGUseason3 between 8-10 on Tuesdays EST. (or whenever SGU airs in your country)

Also, the hour after the episode airs in the US, UK, and Canada we will be hosting chats in our chat room on our website regarding the newly aired episode, Have fun, but please don’t be offensive to others or post inappropriate material.

Now go forth SGU army, and spread the word!

Thanks so much for your support,
SGU Awareness Team

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hey Guys!

Sorry things have been so quiet recently. Both leaders have been really busy.

Just wanted to thank all of you for your support on Tuesday. Even if we're not trending the word is getting out! And the ratings have been holding steady over 1 million.

Also, there have recently been some rumors and positive vibes regarding SGU and season 3! Sure the numbers may be lower, but the renewal/cancelation decision is made off many other factors besides ratings, so we must not loose hope. We need to keep spreading the word and watching SGU live on Tuesdays at 9pm.

So for this Tuesday, Tweet about SGU under the tags #SGU and #giveSGUseason3 (and link them to @syfy), Facebook about it, Blog about it, talk to friends and family about it. Invite people over to watch! There is time left, we can still make a difference!

Also, though live ratings are important, you can help support the show. Buying the DVD's or BluRay season sets, purchasing the episodes on itunes or amazon, watching the show on Netflix, Hulu, syfy rewind, or OnDemand all help quite a bit. Also, if your in another country, watching the show live, or writing to your local station suggesting they pick up SGU is helpful as well!

Also, be sure to email and tweet @syfy on twitter and let them know how much you want a season 3!


Check out our new website! You can find all the recent announcements here, find links to the other campaign outlets, contact us, and more! Be sure to join us in our chatroom for our discussion about the new episode right after it airs in the US (10-11 EST).

Thanks again for your support!
SGU Awareness Team

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ratings up, Operation Trend for Malice, Weekly Update!

Hello Guys!

     Just wanted to again thank you for all your support with Operation Trend. While we didn't trend worldwide, we did trend in Vancouver, and had over 3000 tweets under the tag #SGU between 9-10. We had enough tweets to trend, just not enough individuals tweeting about SGU. Additionally the ratings were up 11% from the previous weeks episode, Trial and Error.

     Even though we didn't trend, having that many tweets certainly helped get the word out. So this Tuesday, from 8 to 10 EST, for the airing of Malice, we are going to try to get SGU to trend again. Please tweet under the tags #SGU and #giveSGUseason3, and be sure to link them to @syfy. We'll be following the same basic guidelines as last week (check link for more). And be sure to follow us on twitter to keep up with the tweet off. (link also below)!/SGUAwareness

     This weeks episode promises to be an action packed, epic, yet casual viewer friendly episode set in a visually stirring location. If there was ever any season 2 episode to get friends hooked on SGU, it would be Malice. Blog about it, tweet about it, facebook about it, talk to friends, family, co workers, teachers, fellow students, and recommend they tune in to syfy Tuesday at 9 to watch Malice. They won't regret it. There are only 3 more episodes to go before the renewal decision is made, and in order to ensure SGU gets a season 3, the numbers still need to go up. But last weeks uptick was a start, so lets make this an upward trend that will lead to the renewal of SGU!

     Also, while live viewership is probably the most important factor to SGUs survival, there are several other ways to help out SGU besides tuning in live and getting your friends to tune in live. Producer Joeseph Mallozzi explains in his blog...

"Like dvd and download sales, the show’s performance in overseas markets has a huge impact on the studio’s decision re: the show’s future.  Obviously, the more downloads, dvd, and foreign sales, the more the studio will be motivated to ensure the show continue on.  So keep watching!  Your support is important!"

     So while watching it live is vital to SGU's survival, purchasing the show on DVD, blu ray, itunes, amazon, or watching the show on legal viewing outlets (such as hulu, syfy rewind, netflix, or on demand) is still an enormous help. If you live outside the US, watch the show live on your local channel that plays SGU, or, if no station in your country airs SGU, write to the station and suggest that they pick up SGU. If SGU is available on DVD, itunes, or another legal downloading platform in your country, it would be a huge help to purchase the episodes there. 

     Thank you all so much for you support. Together, we can make a season 3 possible! See you on Tuesday, and be sure to get as many friends to watch as you can and be tweeting about SGU during its airing! 

SGU Awareness Campaign Team  

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Awesome Job!

Hello guys...  

Just wanted to say great work guys! Ratings were up 11%... and while we didn't trend worldwide or in the US, we trended in Vancouver and we had something like 3000+ tweets under the tag of #SGU between 9 and 10 on the east coast.  

THATS A LOT OF TWEETS... and undoubtably a lot of exposure for SGU. We will definitely be doing it again next Tuesday, and we're working on some other ways to help SGU get more viewers. Expect another announcement headed your way in the next few days on how you can get involved! In the meantime, here's a great article on SGU's ratings.

Thanks so much,
SGU Awareness Campaign Team

Sunday, November 7, 2010

First update.. Operation trend!

Hello all!

This past week has been a productive week for the SGU awareness campaign! We have assembled a leadership team, created a blogspot account, created a twitter account, and have finally planned a group event (with more on the way)! We have also gotten some positive press!

And here are the links to the various campaign outlets.!/SGUAwareness

Trend SGU
As you all probably know, SGU for a number of reasons isn’t doing as well in the ratings as some would like, with Caprica already getting cancelled by SyFy, it is all the more important for the fans of SGU to make themselves heard so that the network sees the support that is out there for the show.
The best and most effective methods of keeping SGU on our screens are somewhat obvious and are probably things you are all doing already
Watch SGU live or if you DVR it within 3 hours of its live airing. If you have a nielsens box, be sure to watch the ads.
Spread the word about how awesome the show is and get your friends to watch as well (live or within 3 hours)  
Already doing that and want to do more.... well of course you do! That’s why you are here.
We at the SGU Awareness Campaign are trying to get SGU to trend on twitter on Tuesday evenings, what can you do to make this happen? read on to find out.
Between 8-10 East Coast Time, we want you to tweet about SGU, make sure you tag your tweets #SGU & #giveSGUseason3 – talk about what you love about the show, how much you want to see more episodes and seasons.... just get those two tags out there as much as you can over the two hours
A twitter trending topic reaches a vast number of people, if only a fraction of those people decide to watch an episode as a result, it’s a worth while goal, it also shows the network that the fans are there and they are passionate about the show. And not to mention all the followers of those 1000+ people who read about SGU.
In ideal circumstances, it takes 1000 people and about 2000 tagged tweets over about 2 hours to give a topic a chance to trend (obviously the more people & tweets you can get in the shortest time improves our chances)
These should be unique tweets, ReTweets are fine but unique tweets are key – the more people the better, 1000 would be good, 2000 would be better (and so on)
If you are going to go tweet crazy for two hours, pre warn your followers. Also don’t do this if your follower number is very important to you and you don’t want to lose any of them (you can inform people that if they don’t want to see a lot of SGU tweets from you, they should unfollow you and refollow in a few hours).. though ideally, try to reach all your followers without spamming or irritating them.
Also, try not to spam individuals with too many tweets (like @Syfy or the stars of the show (if each of you send one tweet to each of the stars, that’s a mother load of tweets for them to deal with) reach out to cast and crew sure, but try to be civilized
If you can’t be online to tweet it up during the two hours but want to be involved, tweetdeck allows you to schedule tweets in advance so you can put down what you want to say about the show and schedule it to appear during the two hour window
Twitter tags don’t record multiple tags per tweet (putting #SGU 50 times in one tweet doesn’t count 50 times…) keep things simple, even if you end up tagging each tweet with one tag (#SGU in one tweet, #giveSGUseason3 in another)
SGU suffers from a lot of negative attention from fans of traditional stargate, they are as entitled to their opinion as we fans are, try not to get into twitter fights with them during “Operation Trend” have fun, stay positive and do the show proud.
SGU Awareness Campaign Team

Edit: First off sorry the blog has such a basic look, I will be working on the blog tomorrow, but I just wanted to get the announcement out tonight rather then Monday night...