Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hey Guys!

Sorry things have been so quiet recently. Both leaders have been really busy.

Just wanted to thank all of you for your support on Tuesday. Even if we're not trending the word is getting out! And the ratings have been holding steady over 1 million.

Also, there have recently been some rumors and positive vibes regarding SGU and season 3! Sure the numbers may be lower, but the renewal/cancelation decision is made off many other factors besides ratings, so we must not loose hope. We need to keep spreading the word and watching SGU live on Tuesdays at 9pm.

So for this Tuesday, Tweet about SGU under the tags #SGU and #giveSGUseason3 (and link them to @syfy), Facebook about it, Blog about it, talk to friends and family about it. Invite people over to watch! There is time left, we can still make a difference!

Also, though live ratings are important, you can help support the show. Buying the DVD's or BluRay season sets, purchasing the episodes on itunes or amazon, watching the show on Netflix, Hulu, syfy rewind, or OnDemand all help quite a bit. Also, if your in another country, watching the show live, or writing to your local station suggesting they pick up SGU is helpful as well!

Also, be sure to email and tweet @syfy on twitter and let them know how much you want a season 3!


Check out our new website! You can find all the recent announcements here, find links to the other campaign outlets, contact us, and more! Be sure to join us in our chatroom for our discussion about the new episode right after it airs in the US (10-11 EST).

Thanks again for your support!
SGU Awareness Team

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