Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ratings up, Operation Trend for Malice, Weekly Update!

Hello Guys!

     Just wanted to again thank you for all your support with Operation Trend. While we didn't trend worldwide, we did trend in Vancouver, and had over 3000 tweets under the tag #SGU between 9-10. We had enough tweets to trend, just not enough individuals tweeting about SGU. Additionally the ratings were up 11% from the previous weeks episode, Trial and Error.

     Even though we didn't trend, having that many tweets certainly helped get the word out. So this Tuesday, from 8 to 10 EST, for the airing of Malice, we are going to try to get SGU to trend again. Please tweet under the tags #SGU and #giveSGUseason3, and be sure to link them to @syfy. We'll be following the same basic guidelines as last week (check link for more). And be sure to follow us on twitter to keep up with the tweet off. (link also below)!/SGUAwareness

     This weeks episode promises to be an action packed, epic, yet casual viewer friendly episode set in a visually stirring location. If there was ever any season 2 episode to get friends hooked on SGU, it would be Malice. Blog about it, tweet about it, facebook about it, talk to friends, family, co workers, teachers, fellow students, and recommend they tune in to syfy Tuesday at 9 to watch Malice. They won't regret it. There are only 3 more episodes to go before the renewal decision is made, and in order to ensure SGU gets a season 3, the numbers still need to go up. But last weeks uptick was a start, so lets make this an upward trend that will lead to the renewal of SGU!

     Also, while live viewership is probably the most important factor to SGUs survival, there are several other ways to help out SGU besides tuning in live and getting your friends to tune in live. Producer Joeseph Mallozzi explains in his blog...

"Like dvd and download sales, the show’s performance in overseas markets has a huge impact on the studio’s decision re: the show’s future.  Obviously, the more downloads, dvd, and foreign sales, the more the studio will be motivated to ensure the show continue on.  So keep watching!  Your support is important!"

     So while watching it live is vital to SGU's survival, purchasing the show on DVD, blu ray, itunes, amazon, or watching the show on legal viewing outlets (such as hulu, syfy rewind, netflix, or on demand) is still an enormous help. If you live outside the US, watch the show live on your local channel that plays SGU, or, if no station in your country airs SGU, write to the station and suggest that they pick up SGU. If SGU is available on DVD, itunes, or another legal downloading platform in your country, it would be a huge help to purchase the episodes there. 

     Thank you all so much for you support. Together, we can make a season 3 possible! See you on Tuesday, and be sure to get as many friends to watch as you can and be tweeting about SGU during its airing! 

SGU Awareness Campaign Team  

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