Saturday, December 4, 2010

Resurgence Ratings/Update

Hey guys,

Well, the final episode has aired and the ratings are in. While they're down in overall viewers, they're holding steady at a .5 18-49 demo, which is a very good sign. We could find out the fate of the show in the next 2 weeks, though we might have to wait utill January to find out the renewal/cancelation decision. More on the ratings here...

Campaign Update:

While the battle for ratings is pretty much over, the battle for the show is not. Ratings are only one player in a field of players. We need to keep supporting the show in every way possible. Free episodes are on Hulu or Syfy Rewind (Unfortunately US only), as well as OnDemand on TV.

You can also support the show by buying it on Itunes, or buying season 1 on DVD and Blu Ray. And as always, keep spreading the word over the break so we can get as many people as possible to check out SGU when it returns this spring.

Also, if your in another country, watching the show live, or writing to your local station suggesting they pick up SGU is helpful as well! And if you can get the show off your Itunes store or that counts too!

You can also help by emailing Dave Howe and Mark Stern, (two key decision makers) about season 3, or just email Syfy’s main feed back line.

Tweet @Syfy on twitter and let them know how much you want a season 3 under the tags #SGU and #giveSGUseason3…. And be sure to follow us on twitter.

Chatroom News:

We'll be having one last chat in our chatroom next Tuesday one hour earlier then we usually do (at 9-10pm EST). The topic will be season 2.0, predictions for season 2.5, where we'd like to see the show go, and much much more. Also, UK, don't forget the hour after the episode airs where you are (on the same Tuesday), we'll be having a chat in our chatroom discussing Resurgence. After next Tuesday, we're linking up with the hiatus project chat, which starts up in January, for future chats. More on the hiatus chat in the second link below.

Thanks so much for your support,
SGU Awareness Team

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